What does faith mean?

I made the journey from secular agnostic, to someone who considers themselves a sincere christian. The first step is of course to realise their has to be a god. Then over time you end up in a religion, a formal place where religion is practiced. The one who seems to worship in a way that makes sense to you. Where god planted you, where you fit in.

When people ask you are you a christian , you say yes.  They ask you your faith and you say C of E, or Catholic or whatever. That declares you to the world.

So you can be a man or woman of faith, deep within a church and heavily involved in its workings.

Did you make all the steps?
Is that enough?
Is that what its all about?

Here’s the question that you may never ask yourself. If you do or don’t nobody will ever know. Certainly nobody should judge you if you haven’t, or have parked this issue. We are all on a journey, but that doesn’t make it any less important,

Do you “trust” god,  Trust is what is truly meant by faith.
Not just does he exist, and his church is great, and you work well within it.

Do you trust him?

Trust him to provide you with the ladder for your salvation, trust him with your life, trust him when things are bad, when they are good.

Trust his word, trust his order.

Faith isnt about does he exist, what church you go to, what events you attend, outreach you organise, fundraising, messy church whatever.

God wants you to trust him, trust alleviates doubt, keeps you firm when it may seem easier to doubt. You follow without too much question those you trust, follow them when it seems maybe things are a little unsure.

When Jesus rebuked people with the words “oh ye of little faith” he meant faith in him, as a person. Trust, trust that he wouldn’t let his disciples sink in a boat, or go hungry in a desert or whatever.

Trust him that he left you the words in the bible to understand what needs to be done to live properly.

Trust him that he left you enough to make it to gods presence.

Nobody will ever know if you asked that question, resolved it, lived it, became it.

How well you made that a central part. See you can have that and move mountains, or simply be the unspoken joy in the lives of those around you.   They may be the  pillars of the church you go too and rely on for everything, or they may be the one you hardly speak too….

God knows if he has your trust and he cares.

He sacrificed a lot to earn your trust.

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