Does anyone know an angry, homophobic, science denying christian that uses god as a prop?

One of the things atheists use is that Christianity is a crutch, something we need for filling a gap. A comfort blanket, a teddybear, a prop for our bigotry.

Jesus temple

Plus we are increasingly painted as homophobic, science denying, fundamentalists that judge the world on harsh terms.

This is so far from the truth I feel I have been asked to meet in him, from the people I meet who have the same challenge set to them.

The challenges to these perspectives if anyone holds them, comes from having to react to the level jesus expects you to reach?

How can you hold these views if you follow jesus?

Their are some facts that support the idea that christianity on the whole when applied on Jesus model is good for us all.

Anti slavery, prison reform, social services, the nhs, our legal system, salvation army, most the major philanthropists advances in medicine,  medicine that was given away, red cross, nspcc, save the children, declaration of independence, magna carta, unhcr declaration on human rights the list is endless…

All driven by devout Christians tackling the world on the terms jesus sets us.

The point IS , Christ calls for reform, on an internal and external level.

In contrast to the Christian system, modern materialistic philosophies do not provide a strong basis for reform.

Humanism is, in effect, a philosophic smuggler; it has borrowed the “dignity of man” from Christian precepts and has not bothered to say, “Thank you.” It also lacks a coherent example beyond what we “make up” ad-hoc, borrow, and meld together, and ignore the bits that take us out of our comfort zone. Also christ is alive and he helps, challenges and drives us forward.

Lastly if you hate the anger , hypocrisy, judgement, and bile that comes from some people who call themselves “religious” then christ did too.

the constant misuse of state of religion to mobilize and create division, and hierarchy based on external wealth. Jesus despised it.

They killed him to keep their positions, and to keep him quiet.

They really DID not like him making an ad-hoc whip and beating them with it as they were using his fathers house as a bureau de change. He knew this was the exact antithesis of his message.
Profit and Loss on worldly terms is the precise opposite of the measure he thought you should use.

He wanted you to pick up your cross and follow his example into places you never would have seen yourself before you gave your life to him.

That is the reality of following Jesus that I know.

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