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I have been collating some of the quotes I put up on Facebook relating to Christian thoughts…

Why Evangelise

I see so many people are searching for meaning, internal and external peace, a better way of being, lack of fear about the future and of death. An assurance that we are loved and meant to be loved. A capability to do so a heart can and does go deeper and wider . A loss of loneliness, a viewpoint that we are part of creation and precious not an atom by itself and measured against others.

A well balanced caring collaborative love for your fellow man. A way to a world that works for all creation.

A peace that comes from a constant feeling of being loved.

From all of that, where you see so MUCH of that truly missing, where you see so much pain felt and being caused by the lack of any combination of the above.

You just want to reach out and share that….

He wants to share that

With you.

It’s why I speak about him so much, it’s as if I had endless riches and I can make each one of you rich.

Why wouldn’t I?
Truth is I have no riches.
But I know the man that is rich
Let me share him with you.

Lose your fear, your loss of love internal, and external and share in his richness

The key to happiness is Gratitude

That’s it…

Sometimes my prayer is as I count my blessings
Sometimes my prayer is when I see my child smile
Sometimes my prayer is on bended knee
Sometimes my prayer is as nature whips the wind into my face
Always my prayer is for you

I pretty much reject existentialism in all its forms so keirkegard is my least favourite philosopher
But he got this right
The human race stopped fearing God.
After this came its punishment: it began to fear itself, began to crave the phantasmagorical, and now it quakes before this creature of its own imagination.

Doubt is not a sin. It’s a sign of intelligence. When you doubt work it through, don’t dismiss it. It’s also Gods classroom. A place where you learn, a place where you progress. Any faith that had no doubt had no examination. Any faith that went unexamined is possibly very far from God.
Doubt is healthy when it’s skepticism, a search for building blocks.
Doubt is unhealthy when you become happy with teaching that simply weaken Jesus place as Lord. Doubt then becomes twinned with pride, the bluster of a weak place that shows itself as meanness and a direct opposition to our Lord as saviour. A satisfaction in the rebellion of doubt.
If you doubt pray, examine your bible , examine the great theologians. Knock and he will answer seek and you will find.
But don’t settle for answers that lower our Lord the servant king.

WHY IS Grace resistable

Mike Tricker If you look at the book of Job and especially Jonah you will see the lord giving us free will, but changing the environment around us.

The end result is as varied as us, but his plans come true in the end.

The lord became human, an object is space to show how we could choose to act, he never called angels down to make us behave, he never took the devils outlet of exercising power. In fact his whole life death and victory was in becoming as powerless as anyone can be with arms spread open on the cross.

Allowing us to come to him.

showing us enough love that we know he died for us.

But in that vulnerability becoming everything he can be…

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Cara James If Grace was irresistible, Adam couldn’t have fallen.

QUOTE you cant get to courage without walking through vulnerability

Our lord was born as vulnerable as a baby.
Our lord gave himself to the vulnerable and the marginalised
To come to our lord you have to be humble
Our lord tells us blessed are the meek
The poor in spirit

If you leave yourself vulnerable is the ultimate act of love..