Lent at the Halfway mark – What has it done for you?

half way

So have you made it half way through lent with your trials intact? I must admit I haven’t, the odd look at facebook, and one or two days have whizzed by with hectic work schedules followed by a brain dead dinner and sleep. So the odd day has seen some pretty poor prayer, and one day even got missed.

Thankfully he knows me better than I know myself, and seems to have still made this lent way more special than I ever expected. My days have been filled with thoughts on my faith, extra prayer has led me to a feeling of closeness I was starting to miss.

Hearing others speak has given me new perspectives on my understanding of his word, how far I have come or better to say how far he has brought me.

I have also been still and felt him, and prayed for life direction and felt sure I was following his will.
I have been able to see myself before my journey, and seen myself now and been given clear perspective on how far I have to go.

Our god has shown me a lot in this first twenty days, and I still have the same trepidation on what is about to come

Lets finish the first half with a little prayer…

Lord, please bring all your people into the lesson that is lent.
Please show us new ideas and new ways of being closer to you.
Please break old habits that build walls in our soul.
Thank you for my journey of lent such as it is.
Use your trials to bring us to knowledge you require us to know
Open our ears, hearts and souls until they are calling you every day
In Jesus name bring us closer again

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