Lent Day 26 The Test

frank-clark-quote testing test time
So I suppose it had to happen. Since my beginnings as a christian, nothing really challenged my faith. If you have read my blog so far you will see the various discoveries that lent has given me. However with this week came the first test.

First my ears (The perennial source of trials and tribulations) sent a few obstacles down and then work has been as challenging as can be. Changes raining down from all directions brought my stress levels to an all time peak.

I prayed with the words “your will not mine”, in them.

Suprising myself I found that I meant it.

This gives him the latitude to show you his direction, and when you are following HIS path the peace he shares comes with it.

As much as humility is our touchpoint, I do feel pleased that when the test came, rather than getting angry I simply recognized it as him changing my direction, and moving me back to the path he has set.

Also as much as I was confused and uncertain, I knew it was in his hands and that whatever came, it would be for the overall betterment of his plan.

My wife saw my lack of clear thinking and talked me down from the little tree I had climbed up. The idea’s fitted in I saw with his plan, and felt right. From a point of confusion, to clarity, from nowhere to go, to a range of options.

The Prayer this morning has been “Thank You” to him and to Mrs T.

The future still has question marks, but today its being explored instead of feared, and from rudderless to knowing he is at the wheel.

These guys say it SO much better than me..


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