Lent Day 9 – An uncomplicated faith

So yesterday I went to a Lent course, and lots of questions were put on the subject of “happiness” to the group. This of course, as it was supposed too led to lots of spin-off conversations.

The recurring theme was, it seemed to me that  “damage” caused by loss, or hurt, or role models not performing here on earth, led many to have very different perspectives about Jesus, Christianity etc.

In the workplace I am known as uncomplicated, and outspoken.
This it seems extends to my faith, for me its really simple. If the bible says something about how god is, or he views us. That is probably close to how it is?

I pray, he answers, I ask I do or don’t get the answer I want.

For others where he has seen to do stuff they don’t understand, or don’t comprehend the logic, or his action/inaction seems unjust, cruel, unfair. When its a good person we love, or the simple injustice of someone’s situation. We ask “Why did god let that happen”?

It leads some to all sorts of compromise ideas, relativism.

The question I think you have to ask yourself in these situations was what would Jesus do, or better what DID he do?

The lead up to Easter shows us this.

Jesus comes into Jerusalem on a role, everything is pretty good. The disciples are relaxed enough to spend time arguing about who is the best disciple.

The last supper occurs, and then later Jesus goes to the mount of Olives to pray. He prays so that he sweats like blood.

Jesus knows what’s coming and asks,  “if you are willing, take this cup away”.

More importantly he also says,   “However let your will be done”.

So he prays like we pray asking for something, and then it all becomes clear it’s not going to happen.

It can’t happen can it, the plan is even bigger than Jesus.

What follows is not simply a killing of a man, but a concerted orchestrated attempt to denigrate everything he stands for and  that the powers that be were worried about, had felt threatened by, and were scared enough to order his killing for.

That the powers of Evil had been waiting for.

They were as many have done afterwards trying to kill an idea, a thought. Some burn books, in this case the idea’s were encapsulated in a man.

First his betrayal by Judas by a Kiss? A sign of love.
This seems to be the only bit Jesus is surprised by?

Would you betray me by a Kiss?

See Jesus message has been love, forgiveness, etc.
So to pervert a thing of love to the cause of hate and destruction is the first twist of the knife.

They abused the legal system of the day to ensure the verdict, they humiliated him, blindfolded him and beat him saying

“can you prophesy who did this” Whack! and on and on.

A death he volunteered for, to take our sin as his burden, to open our chance to come before God in a righteous state.

So Jesus had to deal with evil, stupidity, fear, anger, and he suffered it unto death.

He didn’t wave a wand, he didn’t expect god to take it away.

He asked god in prayer to let it not happen, to change the path, to make it fair. Fair, to a good man, a great man, a loving, kind, gentle man. A man who’s life deserved a better end.

Then he said but “let your will be done”.

To be even handed,  even he asked at its very worst “why have you forsaken me” so we can be excused for feeling that.

But the goal, and the understanding of how we should react to evil on earth

Our real reaction should reflect Jesus

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