Lent Day Seven – Thank you

So this morning I was working from home. Washed Dressed ready, breakfasted and thinking about the day ahead. The first thing that happened was I saw an old friend had moved into a fantastic house.

Then I realised so had I. So the morning prayer was thank you, and no sooner had I said thank you for one thing than about 28 just spilt out of me.

All the things he has done for me since I welcomed him into my life. The list was endless and it just was rapid, and came from who knows where. As soon as I thought the list had ended then more came and more came.

Once when Lauren (my daughter) was small, she was being a bit ungrateful and selfish. I picked her up and took her to my house where I grew up. The broken inner city, it smelt of decay, and violence as it did in my day.

There I said, before you moan about anything again, look at this!
This is what my sacrifice did for you, my goal was to lift you up from this.

Today I learn’t that very same lesson.

One other lesson is that daily prayer is quite unusual, you just don’t know what’s going to happen? What felt like 40 days of small talk is turning out to be anything but?

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