The last day of Lent. Maunday Thursday.


Lent has truly been a time for reflection, and as my first one as a confirmed christian with an understanding of the story very moving. I have been able to inhabit the build up, through lent classes and time spent in prayer, so that I came to Palm Sunday ready to be part of Holy Week.

He has taken me on a journey through my faith these 40 odd days, and now from now until Sunday the story moves away from me to him.

We can never do what he does over these three days, but we can learn from them.

Today he washes our feet, knowing what is to come, he leaves us the simplest way in which to consecrate the bond over thousands. He makes himself as low as can be, as insignificant. He shows us the real reason he came. To serve and to cleanse.

Then humanity shows our hate, pride, anger, fear , jealousy, greed, insecurity and ignorance are displayed for eternity in his passion that unravels in these time. Men and women just like us,just like me, just like you, do and say terrible things. The Pharisee’s and sanhedrin were reacting to him threatening and undermining all that they were, challenging their values, saying the unsay-able.

They were no more or less evil than me, no more than you?

If you think you are better than they were then you are missing the point.

So as my journey through lent ends, I can see the lessons I have been shown.
All I can ever say, is Thank You Jesus

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