Lent Day Five – Stop Talking

Do you ever find that when he wants to speak to you, everyone but everyone says the same thing?

People who normally don’t speak to you come up and say random things. All your occasional Facebook posters,your friends at church,  everyone.

Well for me its been this
One of the things people have to learn in Lent, is to stop…

“Stop, Don’t pray, Don’t keep talking, don’t make conversation, dont struggle for new revelations”

Just be with him”.

So when I got back from Church today I didn’t pray, didnt say anything. I was simply still.

And there he was, the man I always knew, real, conscious, merged with me.

That was quite profound for me. Normally when I have doubt I rush to make that connection, reach out and touch his presence.

But today is like when I was a kid, and my mum would just sit and be with me, not say a thing just be around.

Like when my faithful friends just don’t feel like they have to say anything. The bond is sealed long long ago and it doesn’t need small talk to cover over awkward silences.

That of course is easy to understand, I may have reached out to him a few months ago.

He knew me before I was born.

Just waiting for me to stop talking. Waiting for me to stop asking something of him, and be with him as a friend, as my best friend. Not some needy child, just someone who likes his company.

Nice for both of us. God and me, just relaxing.

I think I gave him the chance to show me

I think I gave him the chance to show me

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