How to Introduce yourself.

When we first meet someone we say something like,
“Hi my names Mike, what’s yours?”, and all things being well they say their name and off we go.

Jesus doesn’t take that route, when he first encounters two of Johns Disciples, they come up to him and his opening line is to look at them and ask….

What are you looking for?

Putting my sales hat on that is such a perfect line. See it knocks your audience off kilter, announces this isn’t going to be a boring conversation that follows the norm, and states that this person is interesting and should be listened to.

Putting my more empathetic hat on, I suspect they the had same  reaction we all have when we meet first Jesus. Something asleep in us, wakes,stirs and from that slightly off kilter place a layer deeper than we know says…

I don’t know, but I know your IT.

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