Your Deeds are judged, the person is not (at least by us).

“Judge Not” does not mean every type of action or behavior is free to all without being judged as wrong. Only a society that eschews any type of control would think that.

In the secular world being free from judgement is a right secured by relativism.
In the real world we need to judge and correct and do so with love guided by a steadfast moral code.

You see where what “you” want and “yourself” is the foremost part of your world. If you judge yourself on your own moral code as opposed to following a code set down through millennia then those two become intertwined where self is everything. How I behave is how I am, as opposed to simply something I did.

Judging the deed becomes judging the person.

Never judge the person only the deed.
The person is no better nor worse than you and a sinner like everyone.
The deed may be a sin. We can judge that.

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