Crystals and Hamsters wont do it

Some days you see people on the same hamster wheel I was on.

If I get the house, if I get the car, if I get the job, if I get the XXX or YYY.
The Career, the self help, the bike, the healthy living, the iphone, the thing Amazon tells you , you need,.
Then they realise its something inside, so they dangle crystals, or listen to American Indian stuff, or anything that sounds sincere, or they replace it with the fellowship of football fans, or some hobby, or look to find that thing they can identify with,

Chakras, Witchcraft mediums, spiritualists, Jedi and the force, Harry Potter , you name it.


I noticed the other day a Billy Graham quote going viral as it was disguised as something said by a red indian (the whatever wolf you feed quote). So you stumble around and get good , or average or fail at any and all of these?

When you get any of these?

Nothing fulfills, Nothing , it feels emptier each time you get wherever the answer was supposed to be, because you know they had your money, your time and they just had you…

Why, because as Mother Julian says that longing you are feeling, is Gods calling and the closer you get to it the more content you feel, the closer you make your life to his the more that longing becomes a feeling of being fulfilled.

When you and him are truly merged into one being, with your life and his indivisible then you find peace.

He is the way the truth and the life.

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