We are not Pharisee’s we did not plant the cross but picked it up

There are two main problems with how the world see’s us today

The secular world basically thinks religious people are pharisee’s.
People who think they are superior, have the key to eternity, love the position that they have, take pride in putting people down, judge whoever they like, and look down on others.

Its our job to show them, the chap we follow Jesus, fought the “established church”  until they got so fed up with him they killed him.

All those that thought they has the key to the pearly gates, who had established positions, who put power before god.

Therefore what the secular world dislikes about religion do too.

Then of course you have to face the fact that both the person that planted this cross in Martin Luther Kings Garden and the man picking the cross up saw themselves as christian?

cross on the lawn

Again we have to try and see the man we follow was inspiring Rev King and empowering him to face down those who again wanted to protect their power and position.

Can you see the similarity?

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