Christianity maybe should be painful

Let me state my case, I am not a liberal christian. I don’t soften his words to make them easier to live with. When he says I am the way the truth and the life and nobody comes to the father except through me. He meant it.

I don’t try and diffuse or deny his miracles, I am born again, he does rule my life. Atheists are just plain wrong and live in a world that’s just been made man size.  The logic they have demands god jump through hoops to prove to them that he exists.

I get annoyed when fellow Christians say things which are harsh to fellow man, when they start sentences with “should they come over here”, “why would we help them”. When they take an aspect of someone and use it as a stick to beat them with.  IE He/she is a refugee, lbgt, right wing, greedy, a banker, a criminal whatever.

Why does that annoy me? Because its simple, this thing he said. ““I give you a new command: Love each other. You must love each other just as I loved you. 35 All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other.”
Really people, he said that a LOT whats hard to grasp. If you’re not doing that, then your doing it wrong. You go to church each Sunday, you will hear it, you wont hear repentance but you will hear that. So what’s confusing you?

Love them, so that people know you’re his followers by the way you love them.

Also god numbers the hairs on your head, so don’t refer to people as groups, black, gay, refugee? Your not  a WASP (white anglo saxo protestant) in Gods eyes, he knew you before you were in the womb (psalm 139). So that’s a clue when you blurt out generalizations.

Also don’t hide it from work, friends, Facebook, twitter, costa coffee. Its not a dirty secret, and if you’re worried about how people will stereotype you?   Then Stereotypes happen when people leave a vacuum to be filled by people who never knowingly met a real live christian that isn’t in the closet.

You know we carry in us the greatest gift the world could have, the secret to all its problems. The love of god. If its painful for people to hear it and painful for you to say it?
Then that’s a small price to pay for the love he has shown you and the duty he put on you for his sacrifice.

Why would it be painful?

Because the world wants to hear about and hear others tell them that greed and self protection, and me first, consumerism, exclusivity, singularity, personality, pride and self preservation from a man made source. It wants to hear you make the future and you can make your own little  moral system that makes the world work. Miss out the bits your not very good at and your off.

Your job is not to smile wanly at that point and swim with the fishes. In fact for all of those things your sposed to be visibly swimming the other direction. That Hurts, your a primate, and they go with the group. But we don’t.

Those things I call the “titanic morality system”. See Man thought he was greater than the sea, he had built an unsinkable ship, and so with great pride (the greatest sin) he sets off certain that science and engineering and his own intellect will save him. We know the rest.

Lastly his book?

He meant it. Every single word of it, bar none, specially the bits the world dislikes. There are some cases where he rewrote it, where you can see a sentence can be used two ways, where one comment probably shouldn’t be literal and used to batter a section of society with. But its not “inspired by” its written by god. All the people were that wrote it, were no more than gods “pen” at that instance.

However WHATEVER its says and WHOEVER you think falls foul of the sins that get YOU judging, your job is to LOVE THEM, welcome them, feed, clothe, include, cherish, share, and give too. Miss any of that list out for anyone you meet in or outside your congregation? Your doing it wrong.

So its wonderful being his, its great handing over so many of the fears, its also really hard and difficult, and not meant to be a thing that’s going to make you fit in all the time. But you will if you’re doing it right be giving love to the world, and if you’re really spot on that means “what you give so shall you receive in good measure”.

God blessed you, god chose you, he wont let you go, go shine your light.
The world needs a torch!

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